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I was killed long ago, But you are the one who makes me feel alive again.


5 years ago, Lady Gaga launched one of the most iconic songs of all time. 

On October 19, 2009, the only song released by a female artist with Diamond Awards, was made ​​available on the main radios. 

What Gaga probably did not know was that music would win two Grammy’s and seven VMAs, beating several records worldwide.

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Gaga's official Grammy Ballot/Submission List →


  • Dope; Record of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance
  • Gypsy; Song of the Year
  • Lush Life; Best Pop Solo Performance
  • Do What U Want (feat. R Kelly); Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
  • It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing); Record of the Year
  • Cheek To Cheek (Song); Best…


I do what I want. Yeah, I know.

How to Get Away With Murder

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In the club like


Where is this club and do I need my ID?

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Once you start dating someone its like, impossible to insult them

"suck my dick" ok

“bite me” hell yeah

"kiss my ass" sure

"Fuck you" well if you insist.

"my mother was right about you, you’re pathetic, you’ve got no job, and you’ve got no future" if you insist

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Anonymous asked: I would love to read more about you autobiography. And second how was the try outs on the dance team??


Didn’t make the team. What’s with the 20 questions?

Anonymous asked: Have you made any good friends yet?


Just one

Anonymous asked: You should update it again :D


I’ll think about it

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